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We are your local professional zinc roof and cladding installer based in Sandyford, with years of experience working with and serving customers across the Dublin area.

We provide all of our current and potential customers with the knowledge and peace of mind that the installation and option to upgrade to a quality residential zinc roofing and cladding does not have to cost the earth. Having a zinc, or stainless-steel roof will save you money in the long-term by maximising your household energy consumption, and protection from harsh environments.

One of the major benefits of zinc-roofing and cladding is that there is little to no maintenance involved in its up keep. The Zinc is a natural material that is self-weathering, natural zinc will dull down over time from its original shiny metallic finish to a matte grey, but none the less maintain is strength and optimal utility. Our zinc roofs are built with advanced VMZINC zinc material which is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We also give our customers the option to fit and install Velux windows into their zinc roofs with no hassle or fuss. This is a perfect solution for attic conversions, and the fact that our Velux windows are made with the best quality material, and fit by a registered professional gives our customers peace of mind that both their zinc roof and Velux windows have been properly installed

Not only owe install Velux windows in roofs, we also install hem on facades, for a professional, clean and polish final finish. Our materials are sourced from the best manufacturers in Europe, that meet and exceed the product production requirements, so you roof and windows are built to last.

What is Certified Installer?

As a VELUX Certified Installer, the quality of our work is thoroughly assessed by VELUX GROUP every year. We are part of a large chain of Velux providers, and in order to keep our promise to Velux and our customers, we adhere closely to all VELUX GROUP regulations and requirements, and are tested regularly to make sure we are up to date. We have to demonstrate that our services maintain a high standard of workmanship and quality as determined by the Velux board of Certification.

Our skills, training methods and service delivery and installation methods are checked by an independent organisation by means of on-site inspection, practical examinations and routine testing. As well as checks on our trading history, our current financial status and operational policies must meet the required minimum standards.


In further detail, this process includes but is not restricted to:

  1. Agreement to adhere to Velux Certified Code of Practice that includes insurance, fully equipped health and safety practices, along with excellent customer care and expert knowledge.
  2. Deposit Protection Insurance must be made available to all customers to purchase in the unlikely event that our firm should ever cease trading and we cannot cover costs
  3. To produce and maintain quality work, comply with all regulations and trading practices, and a company strategy based on customer experience and feedback
  4. To ensure that the Insurance Backed Warranty scheme is available for every customer to purchase, for extra care and additional peace of mind.
  5. Ensure that we inform our customers of any necessary building regulations they must comply with and be able to produce with appropriate certificates upon request.
  6. That fair and easy to follow complaints procedures are in place to help customers to express concerns, ask questions and resolve issues.

The scheme is fully supported by the Irish Government, the Irish building industry and Irish consumer protection groups.


Does it cost more to use a VELUX Certified/TrustMark registered firm?

Using a certified installer is no more expensive than using an uncertified contractor – at least it shouldn’t be. The VELUX Certified Installer and TrustMark registration simply means that others hold our work to a very high standard, and we are monitored on our daily operations. The is at no extra cost to our business or our customers.

Top quality work doesn't necessarily mean high prices, it means that you can be confident that we will fit your windows correctly and adhere to all the safety requirements. Whilst it may be tempting to go for a contractor charging a lower price, often they are able to charge less so because they keep their costs low by cutting corners and overriding basic installation procedure (which often takes a little more time) or using low quality materials.

Cutting corners and using poor materials not only put the product at risk, but also the customer. The cost of repairing faulty windows can turn out more expensive than the original quote from a certified installer, and faulty parts and poorly installed features could become a potential hazard later down the line.

We will never make risky adjustments to our installations just to make extra profit.  We work hard to give complete peace of mind for every customer with every purchase.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and offer detailed quotes prepared by industry experts, so you know exactly what you’ll pay from the outset. And we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way by phone, email, text or WhatsApp – whichever you prefer.

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