Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation

Our lives have become much more comfortable and easy with revolutionary technology, and one such revolutionary wonder in our lives is heat recovery ventilation. With its unique heat exchange core technique, it warms up the fresh incoming air without letting the heat escape from the inside of the house on chilly winter days. 

One might think of insulating all the windows and doors to keep their houses warm during the chilly winter days, but it will also prevent the exchange of the fresh air from outside, building up all the moisture and air produced by dishes or cloth washing, cleaning or even breathing inside the house. This can pose severe skin and health issues for the residents of the house. 

So, what’s the solution?

At Stone Builders, we install the best quality heat recovery ventilation systems from Vent Axia heat recovery to other popular brands that are in-demand in the market. This heat recovery ventilation allows the heat from the outgoing air to pass into the incoming fresh air, preventing the escape of the heat from inside the house while allowing the exchange of fresh incoming air from the outside. The heat from the stuffy moist air of the inside of the house is exchanged at the heat exchanger and is transferred to the cold fresh air from the outside, resulting in the fresh air getting heat up and enter inside the house, while the stuffy moist air is sent outside as cooled exhaust air. 

Not only can it be beneficial to maintain a constant temperature in the house and to prevent the build-up of extra moisture, but it also saves a lot on your monthly electricity bill as you don’t have to keep the heater on all the time. 

When it comes to building infrastructure, there are many elements one needs to pay great attention to, and installing a mechanical heat recovery ventilation is one of the most effective energy-efficient ways. Not only it saves on the monthly electricity bill, but it also cut on the carbon emission and reduces the dwelling emission rate. 

We are installing heat recovery ventilation in Sandyford!

With the ventilation system for your house, you need the hands of experts to get the work done effectively. We are a local construction company providing expert construction and infrastructure services in Sandyford, and thus we are much familiar with the weather and environment of the locality, making Stone Builders the perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable heat recovery ventilation installation service in Sandyford. 


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